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SubjectRe: [PATCH] exfat: retain 'VolumeFlags' properly
On 2020/07/30 15:59, Namjae Jeon wrote:
>> Ping..
> Hi Tetsuhiro,

Thank you for your reply.

>> On 2020/07/15 19:06, Tetsuhiro Kohada wrote:
>>>> It looks complicated. It would be better to simply set/clear VOLUME DIRTY bit.
>>> I think exfat_set_vol_flags() gets a little complicated, because it
>>> needs the followings (with bit operation)
>>> a) Set/Clear VOLUME_DIRTY.
>>> b) Set MEDIA_FAILUR.
>> How about splitting these into separate functions as below?
>> exfat_set_volume_dirty()
>> exfat_set_vol_flags(sb, sbi->vol_flag | VOLUME_DIRTY);
>> exfat_clear_volume_dirty()
>> exfat_set_vol_flags(sb, sbi->vol_flag & ~VOLUME_DIRTY);
> Looks good.
>> exfat_set_media_failure()
>> exfat_set_vol_flags(sb, sbi->vol_flag | MEDIA_FAILURE);
> Where will this function be called? We don't need to create unused functions in advance...

Sorry. I ran ahead without explaining.
I would like to set MEDIA_FAILURE when a format error is detected so that fsck will be run on the next mount.
This patch is the basis for setting MEDIA_FAILURE.

But, I have no reason to implement this right now, as you say.
I'll add it in a patch that sets MEDIA_FAILURE.

I would like your opinion on the timing of clearing VOLUME_DIRTY.

Tetsuhiro Kohada <>

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