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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 03/11] KVM: SVM: Change intercept_dr to generic intercepts
On 31/07/20 00:41, Babu Moger wrote:
>> Let me try to understand.
>> vmcb01 is &svm->vmcb->control;l
>> vmcb02 is &svm->nested.hsave->control
>> vmcb12 is &svm->nested.ctl;

Right now we don't have a separate vmcb01/vmcb02, we have the current
and hsave VMCBs. Cathy is working on it.

Just do the refactoring by passing the control area to

>> The functions set_intercept and clr_intercept calls get_host_vmcb to get the
>> vmcb address.
> I will move the get_host_vmcb inside the caller and then call
> vmcb_set_intercept/vmcb_clr_intercept/vmcb_is_intercept directly.

Hmm no I think set_intercept and clr_intercept should remain as is.


> I will re post the series. This will change the whole series a little bit.

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