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Subject[BUG] XHCI getting ZONE_DMA32 memory > than its bus_dma_limit

Using 5.8rc3:

The rpi4 has a 3G dev->bus_dma_limit on its XHCI controller. With a usb3
hub, plus a few devices plugged in, randomly devices will fail
operations. This appears to because xhci_alloc_container_ctx() is
getting buffers > 3G via dma_pool_zalloc().

Tracking that down, it seems to be caused by dma_alloc_from_pool() using
dev_to_pool()->dma_direct_optimal_gfp_mask() to "optimistically" select
the atomic_pool_dma32 but then failing to verify that the allocations in
the pool are less than the dev bus_dma_limit.


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