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SubjectRe: [PATCH v11 00/56] atmel_mxt_ts misc
Hello All

I am thinking it doesn't make sense to keep the series
with such a big chunk of patches,
I will divide the series into several small series


On 2020/07/08 22:05, Wang, Jiada wrote:
> Hello Dmitry
> I am working on refining this series,
> regarding your comment about drop changes related to
> upload firmware and config during boot.
> I found currently only config is uploaded during every boot.
> but firmware is only uploaded when userspace asks to do so via
> sysfs interface.
> Could you help to confirm if this is the case?
> Thanks,
> Jiada
> On 2020/06/25 22:50, Wang, Jiada wrote:
>> Hello Dmitry
>> sorry for the delay,
>> On 2020/05/27 15:43, Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
>>> Hi Jiada,
>>> On Thu, May 07, 2020 at 10:56:00PM -0700, Jiada Wang wrote:
>>>> This patch-set forward ports Nick Dyer's work in ndyer/linux github
>>>> repository as long as some other features and fixes
>>> Sorry for ignoring the series for quite a while. I guess my biggest
>>> issue with the series is that quite a bit of patches are trying to
>>> handle the fallout from a very unfortunate design decision in the
>>> driver: the fact that it attempts to automatically upload firmware and
>>> config on every boot/probe. This design was done at my urging because I
>>> did not have access to the technical documentation and did not realize
>>> that the controller has non-volatile memory for both firmware and
>>> configuration. We should only attempt to automatically load firmware
>>> where device does not have non-volatile memory and is unable function
>>> otherwise, in all other cases we better leave it to userspace to decide
>>> whether to execute firmware update and when. The kernel should only
>>> provide facilities so that userspace can initiate firmware update. This
>>> design has worked well for Chrome OS for many years (it used Atmel
>>> controllers in several products), and I would like to bring it to the
>>> mainline.
>> I agree with you, I will review the patch-set,
>> and only pick these not related to firmware/cfg upload
>> Thanks,
>> jiada
>>> Thanks.

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