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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/9] soundwire: intel/cadence: merge Soundwire interrupt handlers/threads
On 30-06-20, 11:46, Pierre-Louis Bossart wrote:

> > Is this called from irq context or irq thread or something else?
> from IRQ thread, hence the name, see pointers above.
> The key part is that we could only make the hardware work as intended by
> using a single thread for all interrupt sources, and that patch is just the
> generalization of what was implemented for HDaudio in mid-2019 after months
> of lost interrupts and IPC errors. See below the code from
> sound/soc/sof/intel/hda.c for interrupt handling.

Sounds good. Now that you are already in irq thread, does it make sense
to spawn a worker thread for this and handle it there? Why not do in the
irq thread itself. Using a thread kind of defeats the whole point behind
concept of irq threads


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