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Subjectcrypto API and GFP_ATOMIC

I've found out that a lot of hardware crypto drivers use GFP_ATOMIC. Some
of them switch between GFP_ATOMIC and GFP_KERNEL based on the flag

dm-crypt and dm-integrity don't use CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MAY_SLEEP (because
GFP_KERNEL allocation requests can recurse back to the block device
drivers and cause deadlocks).

So, basically, the crypto requests submitted by dm-crypt and dm-integrity
can fail anytime. I'd like to ask, how to handle these random -ENOMEM
return codes. If we pass -ENOMEM back to the block device stack, it could
cause random I/O errors and data corruption.

The question is - if the crypto request returns -ENOMEM, could we sleep
and retry it? I thought about it - the problem could be, if the crypto
requests proceeds hafway through and then returns -ENOMEM, and if we
retried it, it would cause data corruption, because part of the data would
be decrypted twice.

Is it safe to assume that when we get -ENOMEM, the crypto driver didn't
modify anything?

Do you have another idea how to solve this problem?


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