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SubjectRe: [PATCH ethtool v1] netlink: add master/slave configuration support
Hi Stephen

> A common example is that master/slave is unclear and would be clearer
> as primary/secondary or active/backup or controller/worker.

802.3, cause 32.1.2, 2015 version:

A 100BASE-T2 PHY can be configured either as a master PHY or as a
slave PHY. The master-slave relationship between two stations
sharing a link segment is established during Auto-Negotiation (see
Clause 28, 32.5, Annex 28C, and 32.5.2). The master PHY uses an
external clock to determine the timing of transmitter and receiver
operations. The slave PHY recovers the clock from the received
signal and uses it to determine the timing of transmitter
operations, i.e., it performs loop timing, as illustrated in Figure

In this case, i would say master/slave is very clearly defined.

Given these definitions, would you like to propose alternatives?

Do you have any insights has to how the IEEE 802.3 standard will be


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