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SubjectRe: [RFC 1/1] fpga: dfl: RFC PCI config
> I haven't tested this, but in general it's not safe to select something like
> SENSORS* or HWMON* unless you first check that CONFIG_HWMON is enabled.
> Otherwise this would usually cause kconfig warning(s).
> But don't add things like
> select HWMON
> select SPI
> select SPI_MASTER
> because we don't enable subsystems (like HWMON or SPI) just inside one
> driver's kconfig entry.
> The driver(s) should instead depend on HWMON, SPI, SPI_MASTER etc.

Yes, I thought this was ugly. The next rev addresses this issue.  The config will not be fully automagic.  User will have enough information in the doc to figure out the other subsystems.  


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