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SubjectClang Build Linux presentations + demos
(bcc a few lists)

For tomorrow's bi-weekly meeting [0][1], we have two guest presentations:

Prof. Mathieu Acher, an associate professor from the University of
Rennes, will be discussing with us about the Linux kernel's
configuration space. A common question we get is "does the kernel
build with Clang?" "Depends on the config" is just the tip of the
iceberg. For a sneak peak of his and his team's work, please see

Nathan Huckleberry is a Comp. Sci. undergrad at the University of
Texas at Austin and a Google summer intern. Nathan is working on
instrumenting Clang and LLVM in order for us to start measuring,
investigating, and improving compile time performance. Nathan will be
demoing an RFC he plans to send out later that day.

~Nick Desaulniers

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