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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Documentation: Coccinelle: fix typos and command example

> +++ linux-next-20200629/Documentation/dev-tools/coccinelle.rst
…> @@ -177,13 +177,13 @@ For example, to check drivers/net/wirele
> To apply Coccinelle on a file basis, instead of a directory basis, the
> following command may be used::
> - make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"
> + make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck" path/to/file.c

I would like to clarify further software design aspects around such make functionality.

We might stumble on different interpretations according to the wording “file basis”.
Do you find a message like “make: Nothing to be done for 'path/to/file.c'.” interesting then?

* Would you like to add any links for information around the support for
source code checkers?

* How do you think about to enclose the path for the shown parameter
by single quotes instead of double quotes?

* Can such path specifications become more interesting occasionally
if also an other file extension would be chosen than “.c”?
Would you like to achieve any software extensions around suffix rules?


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