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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Documentation: Coccinelle: fix typos and command example
> @@ -177,13 +177,13 @@ For example, to check drivers/net/wirele
> To apply Coccinelle on a file basis, instead of a directory basis, the
> following command may be used::
> - make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"
> + make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck" path/to/file.c

Can such information still be questionable according to usual make functionality?

* Do you usually expect that such a source file does not need to be regenerated
(because it should be up-to-date already according a selected revision)?

* Would you like to trigger the generation of a corresponding source code
analysis log file (or a “diff”)?

* How do you think about to pass an other parameter to the build target “coccicheck”?


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