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Subject[RFC][PATCHES] converting FDPIC coredumps to regsets
	Conversion of ELF coredumps to regsets has not touched
ELF_FDPIC. Right now all architectures that support FDPIC have
regsets sufficient for switching it to regset-based coredumps. A bit
of backstory: original ELF (and ELF_FDPIC) coredumps reused the old
helpers used by a.out coredumps. These days a.out coredumps are gone;
we could remove the dead code, if not for several obstacles. And one
of those obstacles is ELF_FDPIC.

This series more or less reproduces the conversion done
by Roland for ELF coredumps. The branch is in
git:// #work.fdpic
and it's based on top of #regset.base there (just the introduction of
regset_get() wrapper for ->get(); nothing else from the regset series
is needed). Killing the old aout helpers is _not_ in this branch;
followup cleanups live separately.

First we need to sort out the mess with struct elf_prstatus,
though. It's used both for ELF and ELF_FDPIC coredumps, and it
contains a couple of fields under ifdef on CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_FDPIC.
ELF is MMU-dependent and most, but not all configs that allow ELF_FDPIC
are non-MMU. ARM is an exception - there ELF_FDPIC is allowed both for
MMU and non-MMU configs. That's a problem - struct elf_prstatus is a
part of coredump layout, so ELF coredumps produced by arm kernels that
have ELF_FDPIC enabled are incompatible with those that have it disabled.

The obvious solution is to introduce struct elf_prstatus_fdpic
and use that in binfmt_elf_fdpic.c, taking these fields out of the
normal struct elf_prstatus. Unfortunately, the damn thing is defined in
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h, so nominally it's a part of userland ABI.
However, not a single userland program actually includes linux/elfcore.h.
The reason is that the definition in there uses elf_gregset_t as a member,
and _that_ is not defined anywhere in the exported headers. It is defined
in (libc) sys/procfs.h, but the same file defines struct elf_prstatus
as well. So if you try to include linux/elfcore.h without having already
pulled sys/procfs.h, it'll break on incomplete type of a member. And if
you have pulled sys/procfs.h, it'll break on redefining a structure.
IOW, it's not usable and it never had been; as the matter of fact,
that's the reason sys/procfs.h had been introduced back in 1996.

1/7) unexport linux/elfcore.h
Takes it out of include/uapi/linux and moves the stuff that used
to live there into include/linux/elfcore.h

2/7) take fdpic-related parts of elf_prstatus out
Now we can take that ifdef out of the definition of elf_prstatus
(as well as compat_elf_prstatus) and put the variant with those extra
fields into binfmt_elf_fdpic.c, calling it elf_prstatus_fdpic there.

3/7) kill elf_fpxregs_t
All code dealing with it (both in elf_fdpic and non-regset side
of elf) is conditional upon ELF_CORE_COPY_XFPREGS. And no architectures
define that anymore. Take the dead code out.

4/7) [elf-fdpic] coredump: don't bother with cyclic list for per-thread
5/7) [elf-fdpic] move allocation of elf_thread_status into
6/7) [elf-fdpic] use elf_dump_thread_status() for the dumper thread as well
Massaging fdpic coredump logics towards the regset side of
elf coredump.

7/7) [elf-fdpic] switch coredump to regsets
... and now we can switch from elf_core_copy_task_{,fp}regs()
to regset_get().

arch/ia64/include/asm/elf.h | 2 -
arch/powerpc/include/asm/elf.h | 2 -
arch/x86/include/asm/elf.h | 2 -
fs/binfmt_elf.c | 30 ------
fs/binfmt_elf_fdpic.c | 205 ++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
include/linux/elfcore-compat.h | 4 -
include/linux/elfcore.h | 66 +++++++++++--
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h | 101 --------------------
scripts/ | 1 -
usr/include/Makefile | 1 -
10 files changed, 146 insertions(+), 268 deletions(-)

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