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Subjectsegmentation faults with kernels >v5.8-rc2
I frequently get segmentation faults in newer kernel >v5.8-rc2 e.g.
Chrome_ChildIOT[1298]: segfault at 40d048 ip 000056111a41970d sp
00007fdced6931b0 error 6 in chrome[561115f64000+785b000]

Bisection gave me the following
first bad commit:

e9c15badbb7b20ccdbadf5da14e0a68fbad51015 is the first bad commit
commit e9c15badbb7b20ccdbadf5da14e0a68fbad51015
Author: Mel Gorman <>
Date: Mon Jun 15 13:13:58 2020 +0100

fs: Do not check if there is a fsnotify watcher on pseudo inodes

I double checked by reverting this commit on top of v5.8-rc3 and the
segmentation faults are gone.


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