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SubjectWhy no-one fights for "white men" (hint: they want it done for them for free) (regarding recent "unrest")
Dear LKML, RMS, ESR: Due to the recent "unrest", some who are ignorant 
of history, or simply young, are alarmed by happenstances: "Why won't
anyone do anything, why won't anyone fight on our side?"

In response to the chan post >>>/pol/264739416 an answer was provided:

YHWH allows men to marry girl children. White men do not: that is why no
one fights for them: not even their own: no pay no work; they are all
divided against eachother and would rather lynch eachother for glancing
at a cute girl and worship "muh whoite wuhman". Their reproductive cycle
has been broken and they cannot win.

Who would fight for a piece of shit that is their enemy?


YHWH allows child brides
> The Torah explicitly allows men to marry female children, including in
> cases of the rape (tahphas) of the girl child: Devarim chapter 22,
> verse 28. Key words: Na'ar (child (hebrew masoretic text)), Padia
> (child: padia+philos = paedophillia (greek septuagint)) Puella (young
> girl (latin vulgate))
> Nachmanides points out that a child may be called na'ar from the moment
> he is born

Rebecca was a child, not an adult.
Na'ar means child in ancient hebrew, not adult, and the original hebrew
in these passages is na'ar, not na'arah. All you have to do is read the
actual hebrew glyphs, not whatever your interlinear renders them as. You
/pol/s are illiterate.


(This is the same reason south african afrikkaner young men didn't
fight: hey pops gunna pay me? Oh you would hang me instead if I even
look at a cute young girl? Sorry then)

White men do not deserve your support: even if you are a white; your
"fellow" whites are traditional enemies: any group or persons who would
deny you marrying their young daughters is not a friends, countryman, or
ally. Allies form ties by blood. Enemies shed the blood of anyone who
would try: ask yourself: what would your "fellow man" do to you?

The white man prevents you from having a young girl bride anywhere on
this earth: he hates you more than even a traditional enemy: who would
leave you to your own devices when not engaging him.

It is better to die than to help your enemy: do not be a useful idiot
for those who will not pay you the wages of your life.

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