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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/7] clean up redundant 'kvm_run' parameters
On 23/06/20 12:00, Tianjia Zhang wrote:
> On 2020/6/23 17:42, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> On 27/04/20 06:35, Tianjia Zhang wrote:
>>> In the current kvm version, 'kvm_run' has been included in the
>>> 'kvm_vcpu'
>>> structure. For historical reasons, many kvm-related function parameters
>>> retain the 'kvm_run' and 'kvm_vcpu' parameters at the same time. This
>>> patch does a unified cleanup of these remaining redundant parameters.
>>> This series of patches has completely cleaned the architecture of
>>> arm64, mips, ppc, and s390 (no such redundant code on x86). Due to
>>> the large number of modified codes, a separate patch is made for each
>>> platform. On the ppc platform, there is also a redundant structure
>>> pointer of 'kvm_run' in 'vcpu_arch', which has also been cleaned
>>> separately.
>> Tianjia, can you please refresh the patches so that each architecture
>> maintainer can pick them up?  Thanks very much for this work!
>> Paolo
> No problem, this is what I should do.
> After I update, do I submit separately for each architecture or submit
> them together in a patchset?

You can send them together.


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