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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/4] DirectX on Linux
> > Having said that, I hit one stumbling block:
> > "Further, at this time there are no presentation integration. "
> >
> > If we upstream this driver as-is into some hyperv specific place, and
> > you decide to add presentation integration this is more than likely
> > going to mean you will want to interact with dma-bufs and dma-fences.
> > If the driver is hidden away in a hyperv place it's likely we won't
> > even notice that feature landing until it's too late.
> >
> > I would like to see a coherent plan for presentation support (not
> > code, just an architectural diagram), because I think when you
> > contemplate how that works it will change the picture of how this
> > driver looks and intergrates into the rest of the Linux graphics
> > ecosystem.
> >
> > As-is I'd rather this didn't land under my purview, since I don't see
> > the value this adds to the Linux ecosystem at all, and I think it's
> > important when putting a burden on upstream that you provide some
> > value.
> I also have another concern from a legal standpoint I'd rather not
> review the ioctl part of this. I'd probably request under DRI
> developers abstain as well.
> This is a Windows kernel API being smashed into a Linux driver. I don't want to be
> tainted by knowledge of an API that I've no idea of the legal status of derived works.
> (it this all covered patent wise under OIN?)

If you can't look onto it, perhaps it is not suitable to merge into kernel...?

What would be legal requirements so this is "safe to look at"? We should really
require submitter to meet them...

(cesky, pictures)

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