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SubjectRe: [PATCH] zswap: docs/vm: Fix typo accept_threshold_percent in zswap.rst
On Mon,  1 Jun 2020 02:59:11 +0200
Sedat Dilek <> wrote:

> Recently, I switched over from swap-file to zramswap.
> When reading the Documentation/vm/zswap.rst file I fell over this typo.
> The parameter is called accept_threshold_percent not accept_threhsold_percent
> in /sys/module/zswap/parameters/ directory.
> Fixes: 45190f01dd402 ("mm/zswap.c: add allocation hysteresis if pool limit is hit")
> Cc: Vitaly Wool <>
> Signed-off-by: Sedat Dilek <>

Applied, thanks.

> Changes v1->v2:
> - Changed subject line
> - Resend to LKML with correct email-address

When you make a v2 like this, it's helpful if you mark it as "[PATCH v2]".
I had three versions of this in my inbox and had to figure out what was
going on...


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