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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clocksource/drivers/timer-ti-dm: Do one override clock parent in prepare()
* Tony Lindgren <> [200428 18:23]:
> * Lokesh Vutla <> [200427 17:29]:
> > omap_dm_timer_prepare() is setting up the parent 32KHz clock. This
> > prepare() gets called by request_timer in the client's driver. Because of
> > this, the timer clock parent that is set with assigned-clock-parent is being
> > overwritten. So drop this default setting of parent in prepare().
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Lokesh Vutla <>
> This works just fine for me but depends on the dts changes.
> Daniel, for merging, do you want to set up an immutable branch
> for the related dts change and this? I'm afraid it will conflict
> with the related systimer changes for the dts otherwise.

So I've pushed out an immutable branch for the dts changes
this patch depends on against v5.7-rc1 as omap-for-v5.8/dt-timer

Daniel feel free to merge it in to apply this clocksource patch if
no more comments:

Acked-by: Tony Lindgren <>

[0] git:// omap-for-v5.8/dt-timer

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