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SubjectRe: Lost PCIe PME after a914ff2d78ce ("PCI/ASPM: Don't select CONFIG_PCIEASPM by default")
On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 08:33:50AM +0200, Heiner Kallweit wrote:

> It *was* default y. This changed with a914ff2d78ce ("PCI/ASPM: Don't
> select CONFIG_PCIEASPM by default") and that's what triggered the
> problem. If there's no easy solution, then maybe it's best to revert
> the change for now.

Oh, sorry, I was looking at mainline. CONFIG_PCIEASPM should
*definitely* be enabled by default - platforms expect the OS to support
it. If we want to get rid of default y then I think it'd make more sense
to have a CONFIG_DISABLE_PCIEASPM that's under EXPERT, and people who
really want to disable the code can do so.

Matthew Garrett |

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