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SubjectRe: mm: mkfs.ext4 invoked oom-killer on i386 - pagecache_get_page
On Fri 22-05-20 02:23:09, Naresh Kamboju wrote:
> My apology !
> As per the test results history this problem started happening from
> Bad : next-20200430 (still reproducible on next-20200519)
> Good : next-20200429
> The git tree / tag used for testing is from linux next-20200430 tag and reverted
> following three patches and oom-killer problem fixed.
> Revert "mm, memcg: avoid stale protection values when cgroup is above
> protection"
> Revert "mm, memcg: decouple e{low,min} state mutations from protectinn checks"
> Revert "mm-memcg-decouple-elowmin-state-mutations-from-protection-checks-fix"

The discussion has fragmented and I got lost TBH.
you have said that none of the added tracing output has triggered. Does
this still hold? Because I still have a hard time to understand how
those three patches could have the observed effects.
Michal Hocko

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