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SubjectRE: [PATCH V2 net-next 0/2] net: hns3: adds two VLAN feature
Hi Jakub/David,

> From: Jakub Kicinski []
> Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 8:31 PM
> To: tanhuazhong <>
> Cc: David Miller <>;;
>; Salil Mehta <>;
> Zhuangyuzeng (Yisen) <>; Linuxarm <>
> Subject: Re: [PATCH V2 net-next 0/2] net: hns3: adds two VLAN feature
> On Wed, 27 May 2020 10:31:59 +0800 tanhuazhong wrote:
> > Hi, Jakub & David.
> >
> > For patch#1, is it acceptable adding "ethtool --get-priv-flags"
> > to query the VLAN. If yes, I will send a RFC for it.
> The recommended way of implementing vfs with advanced vlan
> configurations is via "switchdev mode" & representors.

AFAIK, switchdev ops only facilitates the standard abstract
interface to any underlying standard or proprietary hardware
which could be ASIC, eswitch etc. Therefore, standard tools
like ip, bridge or even stacks like FRR etc. could be used
while leveraging the below hardware forwarding.

Not sure how will switchdev ops will be of help here?

Just curious how does Mellanox supports Hybrid port mode?

In general,
We can have port being configured as Access/Trunk ports.

Access port = Only untagged packets are sent or are expected.
RX'ed Tagged packets are dropped.
Trunk Port = Only Tagged packet are received or sent and any
Untagged packets received are dropped.

Mellanox also support Hybrid mode in Onyx platform:

Hybrid - packets are sent tagged or untagged, the port
expects both tagged and untagged packets. This mode is
a combination of Access and Trunk modes. There is an
option to configure multiple VLANs on the hybrid port.
PVID is configured on the port for untagged ingress

First two configuration are easy to realize using the
standard Linux configuration tools like ip/bridge but
not sure about the hybrid? also, why do we even need
to create a bridge to realize any of above port modes?

Note: HNS hardware does not have eswitch support.


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