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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm, memcg: reclaim more aggressively before high allocator throttling
Johannes Weiner writes:
>> I don't feel strongly either way, but current->memcg_nr_pages_over_high can
>> be very large for large allocations.
>> That said, maybe we should just reclaim `max(SWAP_CLUSTER_MAX, current -
>> high)` for each loop? I agree that with this design it looks like perhaps we
>> don't need it any more.
>> Johannes, what do you think?
>How about this:
>Reclaim memcg_nr_pages_over_high in the first iteration, then switch
>to SWAP_CLUSTER_MAX in the retries.
>This acknowledges that while the page allocator and memory.max reclaim
>every time an allocation is made, memory.high is currently batched and
>can have larger targets. We want the allocating thread to reclaim at
>least the batch size, but beyond that only what's necessary to prevent
>premature OOM or failing containment.
>Add a comment stating as much.
>Once we reclaim memory.high synchronously instead of batched, this
>exceptional handling is no longer needed and can be deleted again.
>Does that sound reasonable?

That sounds good to me, thanks. I'll change that in v2 soonish and update the

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