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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 net-next 2/4] vmxnet3: add support to get/set rx flow hash

On 5/28/20, 1:15 PM, "Michal Kubecek" <> wrote:
> This means that for both TCP and UDP, you have cases where get handler
> will return value which will cause an error if it's fed back to set
> handler. And for UDP, accepted values for set are L3 and L3 | L4 but get
> handler returns 0 or L3 | L4.
> So UDP part is wrong and if TCP always hashes by all four fields, it
> would be cleaner to return that information unconditionally, like you do
> e.g. for ESPv6 (with a different value).
> Michal

Okay, yes for UDP I should return L3 instead of 0 when rss_fields does not
support UDP RSS. I made these changes to avoid fallthrough, but missed this
part. Also, will remove the check for TCP and pass it unconditionally.


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