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SubjectRe: [PATCH v12 00/18] Enable FSGSBASE instructions
On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 01:40:16PM -0400, Don Porter wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> On 5/28/20 6:29 AM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> > > Until recently, we were doing proof-of-concept research, not product
> > > development, and there are limited hours in the day. I also hasten to
> > > say that the product of research is an article, the software artifact
> > > serves as documentation of the experiment. In contrast, the product of
> > > software development is software. It takes significant time and effort
> > > to convert one to the other. Upstreaming code is of little scientific
> > > interest. But things have changed for our project; we had no users in
> > > 2015 and we are now un-cutting corners that are appropriate for research
> > > but inappropriate for production. For a research artifact with an
> > > audience that knew the risks, we shipped a module because it was easier
> > > to maintain and install than a kernel patch.
> >
> > I understand that and with a big fat warning and documentation from
> > start I wouldn't have complained so vehemently.
> This is a fair point. We will fix this ASAP, and I will be more careful
> about this going forward.

Are you going to experiment with this patch set and Graphene? Just
sanity checking so that I don't unnecessarily do duplicate work.

I ignored most of the discussion since I came here only with the
motivation of testing Graphene together with this patch set. I'm
assuming that motivation is always good no matter which angle you come
from. Thus, I might have missed the part I'm asking.


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