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SubjectRE: [PATCH] exfat: optimize dir-cache
> +struct exfat_dentry *exfat_get_dentry_cached(
> + struct exfat_entry_set_cache *es, int num);
You used a single tab for the continuing line of the prototype here.
We usually use two tabs for this.
> struct exfat_entry_set_cache *exfat_get_dentry_set(struct super_block *sb,
> - struct exfat_chain *p_dir, int entry, unsigned int type,
> - struct exfat_dentry **file_ep);
> + struct exfat_chain *p_dir, int entry, unsigned int type); void
> +exfat_free_dentry_set(struct exfat_entry_set_cache *es, int sync);
> int exfat_count_dir_entries(struct super_block *sb, struct exfat_chain *p_dir);

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