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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] seccomp: Add SECCOMP_ADDFD_FLAG_MOVE flag to add fd ioctl
> > + * they are created in. Specifcally, sockets, and their interactions with the
> > + * net_cls and net_prio cgroup v1 controllers. This "moves" the file descriptor
> > + * so that it takes on the cgroup controller's configuration in the process
> > + * that the file descriptor is being added to.
> > + */
> > +#define SECCOMP_ADDFD_FLAG_MOVE (1UL << 1)
> I'm not happy about the name because "moving" has much more to do with
> transferring ownership than what we are doing here. After a "move" the
> fd shouldn't be valid anymore. But that might just be my thinking.
> But why make this opt-in and not do it exactly like when you send around
> fds and make this mandatory?

Based upon Tycho's comments in an offline thread, I'm going to make
this the default
(setting the cgroup metadata) to mirror what SCM_RIGHTS does, and then
if we come
up with a good use case where we need to preserve *cgroup v1*
metadata, then we can
add an opt-out flag in the future.

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