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SubjectRe: [PATCH] HID: sony: Fix for broken buttons on DS3 USB dongles
On Wed, 13 May 2020, Scott Shumate wrote:

> Hi Roderick,
> The official DS3 has a Report Count(19) instead of Report Count(13) in the
> exact same offset. I have no idea what the silicon vendor for these dongles
> was thinking but it's suspicious that the official count of 19 (0x13) turned
> into 13 (0xd) in the knock-off. It makes you wonder if the engineers confused
> the decimal/hex numbers.
> As buggy as all of these third-party devices are, I'm afraid relying on the
> HID parser to get it right is only going to worse over time. I do like your
> idea of having each device register themselves. It would be nice to have each
> device provide a callback to decode its own report rather than handle a bunch
> of special conditions and quirks in a unified report decoding function. The
> drawback of course is that its going to be a little more effort to maintain.

I've added Cc: stable and Fixes: tag, and applied.


Jiri Kosina

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