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Subjectreference to Linux Foundation NDA program obsolete?
Hi Jonathan,

while reading the process documentation, I noticed this reference to the
Linux Foundation NDA program in Documentation/process/3.Early-stage.rst:


That said, there are also cases where a company legitimately cannot
disclose its plans early in the development process. Companies with
experienced kernel developers may choose to proceed in an open-loop manner
on the assumption that they will be able to avoid serious integration
problems later. For companies without that sort of in-house expertise,
the best option is often to hire an outside developer to review the plans
undera non-disclosure agreement. The Linux Foundation operates an NDA
program designed to help with this sort of situation; more information can
be found at:

This kind of review is often enough to avoid serious problems later on
without requiring public disclosure of the project.


The link is dead; internet search only showed some references from
meeting minutes in 2008, but nothing more since then.

Has this LF NDA program simply been phased out?

If so, I will provide a clean-up patch to remove this historic reference.


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