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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/6] printk: honor the max_reason field in kmsg_dumper
On Fri 2020-05-15 11:44:30, Kees Cook wrote:
> From: Pavel Tatashin <>
> kmsg_dump() allows to dump kmesg buffer for various system events: oops,
> panic, reboot, etc. It provides an interface to register a callback call
> for clients, and in that callback interface there is a field "max_reason"
> which gets ignored unless always_kmsg_dump is passed as kernel parameter.

Strictly speaking, this is not fully true. "max_reason" field is not
ignored when set to KMSG_DUMP_PANIC even when always_kmsg_dump was not set.

It should be something like:

"which gets ignored for reason higher than KMSG_DUMP_OOPS unless
always_kmsg_dump is passed as kernel parameter".

Heh, I wonder if anyone will be able to parse this ;-)

Otherwise, it looks good to me. With the updated commit message:

Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <>

Best Regards,

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