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SubjectRE: RE: [EXT] [PATCH] scsi: ufs-bsg: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error
Hi, Dinghao

> Thank you for your advice! Moving original pm_runtime_put_sync() to after
> "out" label will influence an error path branched from
> ups_bsg_verify_query_size(). So I think changing "goto out" to "break" is a good
> idea. But in this case we may execute an extra
> sg_copy_from_buffer() and an extra kfree() compared with unpatched version.
> Does this matter?
What do you mean " unpatched version "?

I see, below goto will bypass sg_copy_from_buffer() and an extra kfree()
In case ufs_bsg_alloc_desc_buffer() fails.


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