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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/11] mm/hugetlb: do not modify user provided gfp_mask
2020년 5월 22일 (금) 오전 7:19, Mike Kravetz <>님이 작성:
> On 5/17/20 6:20 PM, wrote:
> > From: Joonsoo Kim <>
> >
> > It's not good practice to modify user input. Instead of using it to
> > build correct gfp_mask for APIs, this patch introduces another gfp_mask
> > field, __gfp_mask, for internal usage.
> Modifying the flags as is done in the existing code does not bother me
> too much, but that is just my opinion. Adding __gfp_mask for modifications
> is fine with me if others think it is a good thing.

With the following patches, in some cases, ac->gfp_mask is set up once and
used many times. If we modify ac->gfp_mask in place, there would be side-effect.

> Does dequeue_huge_page_vma() need to be modified so that it will set
> ac.__gfp_mask before calling dequeue_huge_page_nodemask()?

Good catch! Will change!


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