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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/5] KUnit-KASAN Integration
On 5/3/20 4:09 AM, Alan Maguire wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2020, David Gow wrote:
>> This patchset contains everything needed to integrate KASAN and KUnit.
>> KUnit will be able to:
>> (1) Fail tests when an unexpected KASAN error occurs
>> (2) Pass tests when an expected KASAN error occurs
>> Convert KASAN tests to KUnit with the exception of copy_user_test
>> because KUnit is unable to test those.
>> Add documentation on how to run the KASAN tests with KUnit and what to
>> expect when running these tests.
>> This patchset depends on:
>> - "[PATCH v3 kunit-next 0/2] kunit: extend kunit resources API" [1]
>> - "[PATCH v3 0/3] Fix some incompatibilites between KASAN and
>> Changes from v6:
>> - Rebased on top of kselftest/kunit
>> - Rebased on top of Daniel Axtens' fix for FORTIFY_SOURCE
>> incompatibilites [2]
>> - Removed a redundant report_enabled() check.
>> - Fixed some places with out of date Kconfig names in the
>> documentation.
> Sorry for the delay in getting to this; I retested the
> series with the above patchsets pre-applied; all looks
> good now, thanks! Looks like Daniel's patchset has a v4
> so I'm not sure if that will have implications for applying
> your changes on top of it (haven't tested it yet myself).
> For the series feel free to add
> Tested-by: Alan Maguire <>
> I'll try and take some time to review v7 shortly, but I wanted
> to confirm the issues I saw went away first in case you're
> blocked. The only remaining issue I see is that we'd need the
> named resource patchset to land first; it would be good
> to ensure the API it provides is solid so you won't need to
> respin.
> Thanks!
> Alan
>> Changes from v5:
>> - Split out the panic_on_warn changes to a separate patch.
>> - Fix documentation to fewer to the new Kconfig names.
>> - Fix some changes which were in the wrong patch.
>> - Rebase on top of kselftest/kunit (currently identical to 5.7-rc1)

Hi Brendan,

Is this series ready to go inot Linux 5.8-rc1? Let me know.
Probably needs rebase on top of kselftest/kunit. I applied
patches from David and Vitor

-- Shuah

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