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Subject[PATCH v3 00/13] MMP2 Clock Updates (GPU, Audio, Power Islands)

please consider applying this patch set. It contains patches that were
previously sent in two separate series ("clk: mmp2: Enable Audio and GPU
on MMP2 and MMP3" and "MMP2 Audio clock controller driver") but given
there are some dependencies, it seems more practical to merge them into

The ultimate goal it so make GPU and Audio clocks work on MMP2 and
MMP3-based machines.

This patch set aims to address issues pointed out in review of v1 of the
clock controller set.

Ther first few patches add the clocks for the audio block, setting a few
things beforehands:

[01/13] clk: mmp: frac: Do not lose last 4 digits of precision
[02/13] clk: mmp: frac: Allow setting bits other than the
[03/13] dt-bindings: marvell,mmp2: Add clock id for the I2S
[04/13] dt-bindings: marvell,mmp2: Add clock id for the Audio
[05/13] clk: mmp2: Move thermal register defines up a bit
[06/13] clk: mmp2: Rename mmp2_pll_init() to
[07/13] clk: mmp2: Add the I2S clocks
[08/13] clk: mmp2: Add the audio clock

Then the support for controlling the power to Audio, GPU and (on a MMP3)
Camera blocks is added. The power is controlled by the same hardware
(the PMUs) as one that drives the clocks:

[09/13] dt-bindings: clock: Make marvell,mmp2-clock a power
[10/13] dt-bindings: marvell,mmp2: Add ids for the power
[11/13] clk: mmp2: Add support for power islands

Finally a driver for the clocks used by I2S is added. The controller is
separate from a PMUs and lives in the audio block along with a pair of
I2S controllers:

[12/13] dt-bindings: clock: Add Marvell MMP Audio Clock
[13/13] clk: mmp2: Add audio clock controller driver

Tested the GPU and Audio on an OLPC XO-1.75 laptop (MMP2).


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