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SubjectRE: [RFC PATCH 00/13] scsi: ufs: Add HPB Support
Hi Bart,

> Hi Avri,
> Thank you for having taken the time to publish your work. The way this
> series has been split into individual patches makes reviewing easy.
> Additionally, the cover letter and patch descriptions are very
> informative, insightful and well written. However, I'm concerned about a
> key aspect of the implementation, namely relying on a device handler to
> alter the meaning of a block layer request. My concern about this
> approach is that at most one device handler can be associated with a
> SCSI LLD. If in the future more functionality would be added to the UFS
> spec and if it would be desirable to implement that functionality as a
> new kernel module, it won't be possible to implement that functionality
> as a new device handler. So I think that not relying on the device
> handler infrastructure is more future proof because that removes the
> restrictions we have to deal with when using the device handler framework.
> Thanks,
So should we keep perusing this direction, or leave it, and concentrate in Bean's RFC?
Or maybe come up with a 3rd way?


> Bart.
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