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SubjectRe: x86/smp: adding new trace points
Hi all,

I was trying to trace some IPIs (remote tlb shootdowns in this case) and noticed that:

1) irq_vectors:x86_platform_ipi_entry and irq_vectors:x86_platform_ipi_exit are not hit at all for my case. The backtrace on the receiving CPU:

0xffffffff81079535 flush_tlb_func_common.constprop.10+0x105/0x220 [kernel]
0xffffffff81079681 flush_tlb_func_remote+0x31/0x40 [kernel]
0xffffffff8111f76c flush_smp_call_function_queue+0x4c/0xf0 [kernel]
0xffffffff81120253 generic_smp_call_function_single_interrupt+0x13/0x30 [kernel]
0xffffffff81a030c6 smp_call_function_single_interrupt+0x36/0xd0 [kernel]
0xffffffff81a02679 call_function_single_interrupt+0xa9/0xb0 [kernel]

I would expect that we would hit those trace point somewhere around call_function_single_interrupt()

2) there is no equivalent of ipi:ipi_raise for x86. For the following call stack:

0xffffffff81055d10 native_send_call_func_single_ipi+0x0/0x20 [kernel]
0xffffffff8111f86f generic_exec_single+0x5f/0xc0 [kernel]
0xffffffff8111f9a2 smp_call_function_single+0xd2/0x100 [kernel]
0xffffffff8111fe3c smp_call_function_many+0x1cc/0x250 [kernel]
0xffffffff8107982c native_flush_tlb_others+0x3c/0xf0 [kernel]

I would expect to have a irq_vectors:x86_platform_ipi_raise (or similar) tracepoint.

Are there any reasons my expectations are wrong?
I'd love to submit a patch that addresses these issue but I'd rather get some more context (history maybe) before that.



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