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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 00/19] virtio: alignment issues
----- Original Message -----
> This is an alternative to
> vhost: force spec specified alignment on types
> which is a bit safer as it does not change UAPI.
> I still think it's best to change the UAPI header as well,
> we can do that as a follow-up cleanup.
> changes from v7:
> typo fix
> changes from v6:
> add missing header includes all over the place
> changes from v5:
> ack for mellanox patch
> fixup to remoteproc
> changes from v4:
> fixup to issues reported by kbuild
> changes from v3:
> tools/virtio fixes
> a bunch more cleanups that now become possible
> Changes from v2:
> don't change struct name, instead add ifndef
> so kernel does not see the legacy UAPI version.
> Jason, can you pls ack one of the approaches?

Btw, this sereis includes the bathing optimization which I think
should be done in another one.


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