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Subject[PATCH 09/17] staging: wfx: fix overflow in frame counters
From: Jérôme Pouiller <>

It has been reported that trying to send small packets of data could
produce a "inconsistent notification" warning.

It seems that in some circumstances, the number of frame queued in the
driver could greatly increase and exceed UCHAR_MAX. So the field
"buffered" from struct sta_priv can overflow.

Just increase the size of "bueffered" to fix the problem.

Fixes: 7d2d2bfdeb82 ("staging: wfx: relocate "buffered" information to sta_priv")
Signed-off-by: Jérôme Pouiller <>
drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h b/drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h
index f7e876d1b031..a0e025c18341 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h
+++ b/drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ struct wfx_vif;
struct wfx_sta_priv {
int link_id;
int vif_id;
- u8 buffered[IEEE80211_NUM_TIDS];
+ int buffered[IEEE80211_NUM_TIDS];
// Ensure atomicity of "buffered" and calls to ieee80211_sta_set_buffered()
spinlock_t lock;
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