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SubjectRe: [mm/debug] fa6726c1e7: kernel_BUG_at_include/linux/mm.h

> On Apr 27, 2020, at 10:35 PM, Anshuman Khandual <> wrote:
> Letting CONFIG_DEBUG_VM_PGTABLE enabled via CONFIG_EXPERT for unsupported
> platforms i.e without ARCH_HAS_DEBUG_VM_PGTABLE, was a conscious decision
> meant to expand it's adaptability and coverage without requiring any code
> (i.e Kconfig) change. The easier it is to enable the test on unsupported
> platforms right now, more folks are likely to try it out thus increasing
> it's probability to get fixed on those platforms. That is a valid enough
> reason to have CONFIG_EXPERT based enablement method, IMHO. Also even with
> CONFIG_EXPERT set, CONFIG_DEBUG_VM_PGTABLE does not get enabled by default
> automatically.

No, I am talking about PAE. There is a distinction between known broken that nobody cares (like arm32) and in-progress/unknown status (like s390).

Also, it is not very nice to introduce regressions for robots when testing PAE because they always select CONFIG__EXPERT and CONFIG_DEBUG_VM.
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