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SubjectRe: [PATCH v20 00/17] Multicolor Framework (array edition)

On 4/27/20 12:18 PM, Dan Murphy wrote:
> Pavel
> On 4/25/20 3:48 PM, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> This is the multi color LED framework. This framework presents
>>> clustered
>>> colored LEDs into an array and allows the user space to adjust the
>>> brightness
>>> of the cluster using a single file write.  The individual colored LEDs
>>> intensities are controlled via a single file that is an array of
>>> LEDs
>> Thanks for the series.
> Thank you for taking the time to review this series.  I would prefer
> them to all go in at the same time as the LP50xx and LP55xx devices
> were tested incrementally and together as a full series.
> I need to check back a few series patches 8->10 may have acks from
> maintainers but may have gotten lost.  If I find the maintainer ack I
> will post the URL where they ack'd it if not I will ask the maintainer
> for their review and ACK.
> Dan
>> I believe 6/, 11/, 15/, 16/ could be applied now. Should I do that?
>> 8..10/ might be ready, too... but I'm not relevant maintainer, so
>> you'll need to push them separately. I added my acks.
8 was acked by the maintainer 9/10/11 were not.

I should be able to post v21 tomorrow.  Just need to finish making
changes and test them


>> Best regards,
>>                                     Pavel

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