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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] dt-bindings: watchdog: Add arm,smc-wdt watchdog arm,smc-wdt compatible
Hi Xingyu,

I am trying to establish some clarity about what to do here.

The trusted firmware review has now been accepted

I could try to add your mentioned extra operation indexes to the ATF
watchdog, to try to establish a standard ATF smc watchdog interface.
Hypothetically then your linux driver could connect to any of the ATF
watchdogs, apart from the meson indirection layer.
I do not quite understand the meson layer to be honest, would we run
the meson layer on non-amlogic SOCs?

It looks feasible to strip the meson part from your driver so that it
works on more socs, please correct me if I am wrong.

Alternatively we could also add these extra operation indexes to this
linux driver. Unfortunately I would not have a way to test that.



On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 6:43 PM Xingyu Chen <> wrote:
> Hi, Julius
> On 2020/2/25 9:23, Julius Werner wrote:
> >> The SMC function ID may be solved by the DTS, but the wdt indexs(Eg:
> >> SMCWD_INFO) are also different
> >> for each vendor. The imx_sc_wdt.c is also use the SMC to operate the
> >> WDT, but the wdt indexs(Eg: IMX_SIP_TIMER_START_WDOG)
> >> are different from ours. IMO, If the ATF can implement a common hal
> >> interface and index for watchdog, then writing a
> >> common smc wdt driver will be easier to compatible with all vendors.
> > The MediaTek driver is still in flux (e.g. still being reviewed in
> > Trusted Firmware here:
> >,
> > we can still change it. So if we can now decide on making this a
> > "standard" driver, we can change the MediaTek interface to match IMX
> > and standardize on that. (There are existing Chromebooks shipped with
> > a different interface, but we could handle those separately with
> > downstream patches. I think having a unified interface that will
> > prevent this problem in the future would be worth some extra
> > complication right now.)
> If the ATF provides a common watchdog hal interface and index, I am
> happy to match
> the generic sec wdt driver. Compared to the current MTK wdt index [0],
> the following
> indexes need to be supported for meson wdt [1].
> - *_INIT.
> - *_RESETNOW. It is used to reset the system right now, similar to your
> For another platform-specific parameter "SMC function ID", the generic
> sec wdt driver can get it from the dts, but if
> the driver want to compatible with more vendors in the future, maybe we
> should consider Guenter's suggestion at [2]
> [0]:
> [1]:
> [2]:
> Best Regards
> > .

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