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SubjectRe: What kernel version does 'irq_set_irq_type' become available?
On 3/6/20 9:29 AM, Peter Willis wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a history diagram somewhere that shows where specific features appear in the codebase?

I don't know.

> Various online documentation for kernel driver development have references to functions that, in some cases, are either deprecated or do not yet exist in older versions of kernel source.
> For example, I have written an interrupt service driver for an embedded application running on kernel version 2.6.21. The original driver is level triggered and requires the driver to:

2.6.21 was released in April of 2007.
It's a shame that someone (anyone) is still using it.

> a.) Temporarily disable the interrupt
> b.) Service the interrupt
> c.) Re-enable the interrupt
> There was some desire for that driver to move to a more standard rising edge trigger.

Does the hardware work as (optionally; programmable) level triggered or edge triggered?
Usually not in my experience.
Usually one or the other.

> In that line of thought , the documentation suggests ' irq_set_irq_type' with flag 'IRQF_TRIGGER_RISING'.
> That function was experimental at one point, and doesn't appear to be available in the 2.6.21 source.

No, in 2.6.21 it is named 'set_irq_type'.

I can't see that it was experimental.

> I did a 'find' -> 'while read' -> 'fgrep' search to find the function declaration in headers but had no luck under 2.6.21 .
> -- My specific questions --
> Question 1.) Is 'irq_set_irq_type' still experimental ?


> Question 2.) At what version of the kernel source does the function appear?

It is named irq_set_irq_type in 2.6.39. That's the earliest AFAICT.

> Question 3.) If the function exists for 2.6.21 What headers are required to allow effective compilation?


> -- Notes and suggestions regarding kernel function documentation --
> Note 1.) Perhaps functions should be documented with indications of what kernel versions they apply to.
> Note 2.) In function documentation, an indication of what headers to include supporting each specific function would be nice.

'grep' is really easy to use.

> Thank you for your time and comments,

Good luck.


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