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SubjectRe: [v5.1] Documentation: bootconfig: Update boot configuration documentation
>>>> …
>>>>> +++ b/Documentation/admin-guide/bootconfig.rst
>>>> …
>>>>> +If you think that kernel/init options become too long to write in boot-loader
>>>>> +configuration file or you want to comment on each option, the boot
>>>>> +configuration may be suitable. …
>>>> Would you like to specify any settings in the boot configuration file
>>>> because the provided storage capacity would be too limited by the kernel command line?
>>> Yes.
>> How will affected places be improved after such an agreement?
> Would you please make a patch of new sentence?

Not directly.

* If I would need to provide another wording alternative as a concrete patch,
I would have to wait until previously accepted changes would become available
in a Linux development repository.

* So I would find it easier to agree on wording variants during our current
development discussion from which you would present results as a subsequent patch.


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