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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mnt: add support for non-rootfs initramfs
On Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 07:35:11PM +0000, Ignat Korchagin wrote:
> The main need for this is to support container runtimes on stateless Linux
> system (pivot_root system call from initramfs).
> Normally, the task of initramfs is to mount and switch to a "real" root
> filesystem. However, on stateless systems (booting over the network) it is just
> convenient to have your "real" filesystem as initramfs from the start.
> This, however, breaks different container runtimes, because they usually use
> pivot_root system call after creating their mount namespace. But pivot_root does
> not work from initramfs, because initramfs runs form rootfs, which is the root
> of the mount tree and can't be unmounted.
> One can solve this problem from userspace, but it is much more cumbersome. We
> either have to create a multilayered archive for initramfs, where the outer
> layer creates a tmpfs filesystem and unpacks the inner layer, switches root and
> does not forget to properly cleanup the old rootfs. Or we need to use keepinitrd
> kernel cmdline option, unpack initramfs to rootfs, run a script to create our
> target tmpfs root, unpack the same initramfs there, switch root to it and again
> properly cleanup the old root, thus unpacking the same archive twice and also
> wasting memory, because kernel stores compressed initramfs image indefinitely.
> With this change we can ask the kernel (by specifying nonroot_initramfs kernel
> cmdline option) to create a "leaf" tmpfs mount for us and switch root to it
> before the initramfs handling code, so initramfs gets unpacked directly into
> the "leaf" tmpfs with rootfs being empty and no need to clean up anything.

IDGI. Why not simply this as the first thing from your userland:
mount("/", "/", NULL, MS_BIND | MS_REC, NULL);
3 syscalls and you should be all set...

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