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SubjectRe: [v5] Documentation: bootconfig: Update boot configuration documentation
On 3/5/20 11:06 AM, Markus Elfring wrote:
>>>>> Which of the possibly unanswered issues do you find not concrete enough so far?
>>>> e.g.:
>>>>>>> Will the clarification become more constructive for remaining challenges?
>>> Do you expect that known open issues need to be repeated for each patch revision?
>> Ideally not, but not very much is ideal.
> Did you notice any aspects where I would be still looking for more helpful answers?

Sorry, I haven't been tracking all of the email Q&A/response/replies
all that carefully.

>> IOW, it is sometimes required (if one cares enough; sometimes
>> one just gives up).
> I find this communication detail unfortunate occasionally.

Sure. I do too.

>>> How do you think about the desired tracking of bug reports
>>> also for this software?
> …
>> Masami seems to be responsive.
> The involved contributors show different response delays, don't they?

That's always the case, in any of the Linux subsystems that I have
been involved with.


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