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SubjectRe: chrome platform Kconfig typo
Hi Randy,

On 5/3/20 8:11, Randy Dunlap wrote:
> from drivers/platform/chrome/Kconfig:
> config MFD_CROS_EC
> tristate "Platform support for Chrome hardware (transitional)"
> select CROS_EC
> select CONFIG_MFD_CROS_EC_DEV <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< drop the /CONFIG_/ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks for the report I'll send a patch. Our plan was remove this config at some
point and that makes me think if this transitional config was ever useful, seems
there is still a defconfig using it, though, so we can't remove yet.

> depends on X86 || ARM || ARM64 || COMPILE_TEST
> help
> This is a transitional Kconfig option and will be removed after
> everyone enables the parts individually.

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