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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 0/2] Introduce multi PM domains helpers
On Wed, 2020-03-04 at 14:19 +0200, Daniel Baluta wrote:
> From: Daniel Baluta <>
> i.MX8QXP/i.MX8QM has IPs that need multiple power domains to be up
> in order to work. In order to help drivers, we introduce multi PM
> domains helpers that are able to activate/deactivate multi PM
> domains.
> First patch introduces the helpers and second patch demonstrates how
> a driver can use them instead of hardcoding the PM domains handling.
> Changes since v1: (addressed Ranjani's comments)
> - enhanced description for dev_multi_pm_attach return value
> - renamed exit_unroll_pm label to exit_detach_pm
> Daniel Baluta (2):
> PM / domains: Introduce multi PM domains helpers
> ASoC: SOF: Use multi PM domains helpers
Both patches LGTM. Thanks Daniel.

Reviewed-by: Ranjani Sridharan <>

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