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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 07/20] mm/lru: introduce TestClearPageLRU

在 2020/3/4 上午8:46, Andrew Morton 写道:
> Well, any difference would be small and the numbers did get a bit
> lower, albeit probably within the margin of error.
> But you know, if someone were to send a patch which micro-optimized
> some code by replacing 'TestClearXXX()' with `if PageXXX()
> ClearPageXXX()', I would happily merge it!
> Is this change essential to the overall patchset? If not, I'd be
> inclined to skip it?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot for comments!
Yes, this patch is essential for all next.

Consider the normal memory testing would focus on user page, that probabably with PageLRU.

Fengguang's vm-scalibicase-small-allocs which used a lots vm_area_struct slab, which may
got some impact. 0day/Cheng Rong is working on the test. In my roughly testing, it may drop 5% on my
96threads/394GB machine.


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