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SubjectRE: v5.5-rc1 and beyond insta-kills some Comcast wifi routers
> [AMD Official Use Only - Internal Distribution Only]
> I tested Kalle's patch. Laptop connects via 5GHz band by default. Comcast
> router still
> crashed in a hurry. I blocked (via NM.conf) the 5GHz mac of the router, and
> rebooted
> the laptop. Checked that the router was using 2.4 for the laptop. Still hung
> the router!
> What I've done temporarily is change the unlimited return value from 0 to
> 4000.
> Somewhere around 5325 the Comcast router gets cranky/weird, and at 5350
> it is
> resetting the wifi stack (without resetting the entire router).
> So there's no boot time flag to turn the feature off currently?

Unfortunately, no, there's no flag to turn off this.

But, from your experiments, if you applied that patch,
("rtw88: disable TX-AMSDU on 2.4G band") connect to AP on 2.4G, and still crash
the Comcast AP, then it looks like it's not TX-AMSDU to be blamed.

Assume the return value you mentioned is max_rc_amsdu_len, if you always
return 1, it will just disable all of the AMSDU process.
You can try it, and to see if sending AMSDU will crash the router or not.


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