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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: perf: insn: Tweak opcode map for Intel CET instructions
On 3/03/20 6:50 am, Mingbo Zhang wrote:
> Intel CET instructions are not described in the Intel SDM. When trying to
> get the instruction length, the following instructions get wrong (missing
> ModR/M byte).
> RDSSPD r32
> RSDDPQ r64
> WRSSD r/m32, r32
> WRSSQ r/m64, r64
> RDSSPD/Q and ENDBR32/64 use the same opcode (f3 0f 1e) slot, which is
> described in SDM as Reserved-NOP with no encoding characters, and got an
> empty slot in the opcode map. WRSSD/Q (0f 38 f6) also got an empty slot.

We have patches for that:

But they have not yet been applied. Arnaldo, could you take them?

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