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SubjectRe: modpost Module.symver handling is broken in 5.6.0-rc7
+++ David Laight [26/03/20 17:06 +0000]:
>From: Jessica Yu
>> Sent: 26 March 2020 16:51
>> +++ David Laight [26/03/20 16:25 +0000]:
>> >Something is currently broken in modpost.
>> >I'm guessing it is down to the recent patch that moved the
>> >namespace back to the end of the line.
>> >
>> >I'm building 2 'out of tree' modules that have a symbol dependency.
>> >When I build the 2nd module I get ERROR "symbol" undefined message.
>> >
>> >If I flip the order of the fields in Module.symver to the older order
>> >and link with modpost from 5.4.0-rc7 (which I happen to have lurking)
>> >it all works fine.
>> >
>> >Note that I'm using a named namespace, not the default one
>> >that is the full path of the module.
>> >
>> >I'll dig in a little further.
>> [ Adding more people to CC ]
>> Hi David,
>> Could you provide some more details about how I can reproduce the
>> issue? As I understand it, you have two out-of-tree modules, and one
>> has a symbol dependency on the second? Pasting the modpost error
>> messages helps too.
>Ok, I've found out what broke it.
>Was actually the removal of the code that parsed Module.symvers
>from the current directory (which happened for 5.5.0-rc0).
>Took some digging and printfs in modpost to find what wasn't happening.
> David

Hi David,

I'm a bit confused - just to confirm, is there a legitimate bug
upstream or was it just a hiccup related to your setup?



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